Soft works black square neck dress
Soft Works black short sleeve square neck, knee length dress
Soft Works Dress
Beautiful and soft grey, taupe and black dress with flattering side gather detail
Soft Works Dress
Black and beige classic pencil dress with detail on sleeve 
$129.99 $77.99
Soft Works Dress
Black dress with tan, red and pink detail
Soft Works Petite Denim Pant
65806P Denim coloured pull on pant 
$89.99 $22.50
Soft Works Top
Multi coloured top with side tie
Sold Out
Soft works top
Soft Works three-quarter length sleeve top with funky neck detail with Button and cut out 
$89.99 $22.49
Soft Works two piece dress and shawl
Soft Works sleeveless black dress with waist tie and pattern bottom and a pattern shawl over top
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