Saucy Newfoundland Co Blueberry balsamic
This balsamic is a perfect compliment to crusty breads, crispy salads and creamy cheeses. As we all know, Newfoundland is has the very best blueberries in the world so why not get some today.
Saucy Newfoundland Co Screeching Hot Sauce
Sound the alarm! The Saucy Newfoundland Company's screechin hot sauce is sure to set your mouth ablaze. Made from smokey chipotle peppers and kick-arse Newfoundland Rum, this crowd pleaser is sure to awaken all your senses. Just right to pep start...
Saucy Newfoundland co partridgeberry bbq sauce
The Newfoundland partridgeberry has traditionally been used in jams and jellies but true to our Saucy reputation, we chose to break with tradition and include it as the main ingredient in our bold barbecue sauce. From the barrens to your...
Jacobean craft chocolate strawberry
Truly organic Newfoundland made chocolate 30g
from $6.00
Beer Vinegar
Newfoundland made. Wicket on fish and chips. Contains gluten
Saucy Newfoundland co Honey yer some hot
Hot, Sweet, & Saucy. Sweetened with Newfoundland honey it’s a must for wings, nachos, and dipping. She’s some HOT...honey!
Saucy Newfoundland co Oh! Me Pineapples hot sauce
Newfoundlander’s love their pineapples!  We are not sure where this love off all things pineapple comes from but maybe it helps remind us of summer during all our RDF (rain, drizzle, and fog). Why not spice up your next gathering...
Slather 4.5 oz soap satsuma
 soften, moisturizes, and restores your skin. Reminiscent to the body shops popular scent, our Satsuma is bursting with citrus juices of orange that will help to rejuvenate you.
Slather 4.5 oz soap Blue Raspberry
Our blue raspberry reminds us of blue slushes. It’s a vibrant mixture of raspberry, orange, and lemon along with a base of vanilla. 
Saucy Newfoundland Co Cranberry Sauce
Dinner with family and friends is always great, but why not make it spectacular with something special from The Saucy Newfoundland Company. You can even say you made it yourself. That’s what we’d do! Best uses: turkey dinner, chicken sandwiches...
Mummers calendars
12 month calendars designed and created by Lauren Harris and Meghan Anningson. Fiberlilly Quilt shop St. John’s 
Slather 4.5 oz soap Burnt Marshmallow
This delicious aroma is reminiscent of the popular bath and Bodyworks sent, combining the aromas of marshmallow cream with accents of sweet honey, toasted almonds and warm vanilla caramel.
Saucy Newfoundland co Lassie Ketchup
This really isn't your Mudder's ketchup, but she says she really loves it! She says its a fancy way to spruce up her meals. The lassy is our attempt to make this saucy crowd a little sweeter. Mudder says it...
Slather 4.5 oz soap lavender
This calming bar is a delight, take a deep breath and relax. We make this soap with a moisturizing blend of coconut oil and soothing lavender. 
Slather 4.5 oz soap oatmeal honey
There’s a lot of benefits in colloidal oats and honey! Colloidal Oats soothes, while honey naturally moisturizers and softens your skin.
Saucy Newfoundland Co Newfoundland Mex Mix
Great on tacos, pork or veggies. Use in any mexician dish to add a little bit of Newfoundland to the dish.
Dark Tickle Wild Blueberry Jam
125ml there are approximately 26 species of blueberries worldwide of which one or possibly two, grow in Newfoundland. These are of the low bush variety
Slather 4.5 oz soap coconut lime
Our lime soap has an energizing balance of zesty, tart and sweet. 
Slather Sugar Scrub GRL PWR Burnt Marshmallow
Slather Sugar Scrub GRL PWR Burnt Marshmallow. 8 oz. Sugar scrub softens, moisturizers, and restores your skin. This delicious aroma is reminiscent of the popular bath and body works scent, combining the aromas of marshmallow creme with accents of sweet...
Dark tickle partridgeberry jam
250ml Thus tiny berry is found on a low mat forming shrub on rocky tundra and barrens. Ripening in autumn, this tart berry becomes sweeter and tastier  after exposure to frost
Slather Sugar Scrub GRL PWR Blue Raspberry
Slather Sugar Scrub GRL PWR Blue Raspberry 8oz. Sugar scrubs softens, moisturizers and restores your skin. Our blue raspberry reminds us of blue slushy’s!!! It’s a vibrant mixture of raspberry, orange and lemon along with a base of vanilla.
Saucy Newfoundland Co Donair Spice Mix
Give your beef, pork or potatoes a nice and saucy rub.  Use in meatloaf to make amazing donair meet.
Slather Workaholic Hand Salt Scrub
Slather Workaholic Hand Salt Scrub, 16 oz. literally it’s great for scrubbing off tough grease, oil, dirt and grass stains. We infused this bar with tea tree, charcoal and pumice. 
7 Fathoms Seaweed Clay Mask
7 Fathoms’ Seaweed Clay Mask is a spa-quality facial hydration experience. Formulated to visibly revive and rehydrate stressed skin. Smoothing fine lines, reducing wrinkles, moisturizing dryness and revitalizing with no added perfumes or dyes. The main active ingredient is gel...
Slather Epson Salt Bath Soak Boss Baby Grapefruit + Rose
Slather Epson Salt Bath Soak Boss Baby Grapefruit + Rose, 16 oz. Grapefruit is a luxurious blend of Himalayan pink salt, uplifting citrus, and fragrant ylang ylang oil to soften and revitalize dull looking skin. Enriched with dried rose buds...
Random island Loomworks scarf
Mohair stoles red scarf and rust handwoven in 100%  brushed Victorian mohair 
Random Island Loomworks Dinner for 2
Dinner for 2 with 2 place settings (2 napkins and 2 placemats) Handwoven 100% cotton
Slather Epson Salt Bath Soak Boss Baby Fearless Citrus
Slather Epson Salt Bath Soak Boss Baby Fearless Citrus, 16 oz. Our citrus essential oil blend is a combination of sweet orange, lemon, lime and white grapefruit therapeutic essential oils. Pink grapefruit is a luxurious blend of Himalayan pink salt,...
7 Fathoms Seaweed Hair and Scalp Treatment
Inspired by nature, science and the climate of Newfoundland, 7 Fathoms Skin Care has developed treatments using seaweed, naturally nourishing and hydrating, sustainably harvested by hand off Grates Cove. Our Seaweed Hair and Scalp Treatment gently exfoliates and hydrates the...
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