Saucy Newfoundland Co Blueberry balsamic
This balsamic is a perfect compliment to crusty breads, crispy salads and creamy cheeses. As we all know, Newfoundland is has the very best blueberries in the world so why not get some today.
Saucy Newfoundland Co Screeching Hot Sauce
Sound the alarm! The Saucy Newfoundland Company's screechin hot sauce is sure to set your mouth ablaze. Made from smokey chipotle peppers and kick-arse Newfoundland Rum, this crowd pleaser is sure to awaken all your senses. Just right to pep start...
Saucy Newfoundland co partridgeberry bbq sauce
The Newfoundland partridgeberry has traditionally been used in jams and jellies but true to our Saucy reputation, we chose to break with tradition and include it as the main ingredient in our bold barbecue sauce. From the barrens to your...
Beer Vinegar
Newfoundland made. Wicket on fish and chips. Contains gluten
Saucy Newfoundland co Honey yer some hot
Hot, Sweet, & Saucy. Sweetened with Newfoundland honey it’s a must for wings, nachos, and dipping. She’s some HOT...honey!
Saucy Newfoundland co Oh! Me Pineapples hot sauce
Newfoundlander’s love their pineapples!  We are not sure where this love off all things pineapple comes from but maybe it helps remind us of summer during all our RDF (rain, drizzle, and fog). Why not spice up your next gathering...
Saucy Newfoundland co Lassie Ketchup
This really isn't your Mudder's ketchup, but she says she really loves it! She says its a fancy way to spruce up her meals. The lassy is our attempt to make this saucy crowd a little sweeter. Mudder says it...
Saucy Newfoundland Co Newfoundland Mex Mix
Great on tacos, pork or veggies. Use in any mexician dish to add a little bit of Newfoundland to the dish.
Saucy Newfoundland Co Donair Spice Mix
Give your beef, pork or potatoes a nice and saucy rub.  Use in meatloaf to make amazing donair meet.
Random island Loomworks scarf
Mohair stoles red scarf and rust handwoven in 100%  brushed Victorian mohair 
Random Island Loomworks Dinner for 2
Dinner for 2 with 2 place settings (2 napkins and 2 placemats) Handwoven 100% cotton
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